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kelly o’grady net worth
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What is Kelly O’Grady Net Worth?

Kelly O’Grady Net Worth is About $1 Million.

Who is Kelly O’Grady?

Kelly O’Grady, an on-air correspondent at Fox Business Network, is focused on the most important and relevant stories from the west coast. Her extensive industry experience and degrees from Harvard University and Harvard Business School give her a unique perspective on business, media, and tech.

Early life

Kelly O’Grady was born in 1991, in Duxbury (Massachusetts), in the United States.

Kelly O’Grady Education

After graduating from Harvard College, O’Grady started her broadcasting career as President of Harvard Women in Business, Harvard Television, and as an on-air host for Harvard Television’s television program.

Kelly O’Grady Career

O’Grady currently works as an FBN correspondent in Los Angeles. She joined FBN in September 2021. O’Grady joins the network from the dot.LA, where she was the principal on-air correspondent.

In this capacity, she covered technology, media, corporate earnings, and national business publications. O’Grady was previously an on-air reporter and host for New England Sports Network’s Dirty Water TV, Boston, MA. She covered entertainment, sporting, and charitable events in New England.

O’Grady was a McKinsey & Company management consultant associate and a senior analyst in corporate strategies and business development before joining The Walt Disney Company.

Kelly O’Grady Passions

Kelly is passionate about the media and tech worlds through her work and on-air jobs. Kelly is passionate about getting people excited about these spaces and providing them with nuanced perspectives. This is especially important as technology plays an increasing role in politics. Kelly is also an advocate for women’s empowerment, which she promoted while Miss Massachusetts USA.

Kelly O’Grady Goals

Kelly is a storyteller by heart. It inspires us to believe that we can accomplish our dreams, whether it’s through a moving film or an interview with a courageous innovator. Kelly wants to be a leader in the news and share stories that have a lasting impact on the world. Through her own story, Kelly hopes to change the narrative for women working in male-dominated fields.

Kelly O’Grady Miss Massachusetts

She was crowned Miss Massachusetts USA 2019 on November 18, 2018. Kelly was also crowned Miss Massachusetts USA 2018, Allissa Letham. Kelly spent her year as Miss Massachusetts, promoting women’s empowerment. She advocated that women should not feel forced to conform to society.

What is Kelly O’Grady Age?

Kelly O’Grady Age is 31 Years.

What is Kelly O’Grady Height?

Kelly O’Grady Height is 5 ft 7 in (170 cm).

Who is Kelly O’Grady Husband?

Kelly O’Grady Husband is “Caleb Galoozis”.

What is Kelly O’Grady Net Worth?

Kelly O’Grady Net Worth is About $1 Million.

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