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Mattie Nottage Net Worth
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What is Mattie Nottage Net Worth?

Mattie Nottage Net Worth is $1 Million.

Who is Mattie Nottage?

Dr. Mattie Notage is a well-known preacher in Nassau. Her husband Apostle Edison Nottage and Mattie Nottage, co-founded Mattie Ministries International. She is a motivational speaker and a psalmist.
Widely recognized as a prophet for the nations, God has used Dr. Mattie Tong to charm audiences all over the globe with her life-changing, insightful messages.

Early Life

Mattie Nottage was Born on January 17, 1969, in the United States.

Mattie Nottage Education

Mattie Nottage is a very well-educated woman. Mattie Nottage has earned herself a couple of Degrees, Below they include:

  1. A Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Counseling,
  2. A Master of Arts degree in Christian Education, and
  3. A Doctor of Divinity degree from the renowned St. Thomas University, in Jacksonville, Florida
  4. Dr. Mattie graduated from Kingdom University.
  5. She also earned her Certified Life Coaching Degree from the F. W. I. Life Coach Training Institute.

Mattie Nottage Career

Dr. Nottage was the former Chairman of the National Youth Advisory Council of the Bahamas. She was also recognized by and awarded a Proclamation of State by the Mayor and Commissioner of Miami-Dade County, Florida, for her outstanding community initiatives that have brought transformation and empowerment to the lives of youth globally.

Dr. Mattie Nottage is a trailblazer and “Doctor of Deliveryance” dedicated and committed to breaking chains and changing lives!

Mattie Nottage Husband

Dr. Nottage is married to Apostle Edison Nottage. She co-pastors with her husband, Believers Faith Outreach Ministries International, in Nassau (Bahamas).

Mattie Nottage Ministries, International

Dr. Nottage has a remarkable gift for discernment and prophetic anointing. She is an internationally respected preacher, motivational speaker and author. She is also the President and Founder of Mattie Nottage Ministries, International, The Global Dominion Network Empowering Group of Companies and The Youth In Action Group. She is also the Chancellor of The Mattie Nottage School for Ministry. She is also the founder of the Mattie Nottage Outstanding Kingdom Woman’s Award.

Dr. Nottage has been a gospel minister in Brazil, Africa and The Netherlands. God has gifted her with an authentic anointing that allows her to “set the captives free” and ignite the fires of revival in all nations. Dr. Mattie Notage has a heartfelt passion for helping people to grow in the Kingdom of God.

Mattie Nottage Books

She is also the author of “Breaking The Chains: From Worship to Warfare.”

Here are some books by Dr. Nottage.

1. Why everyone needs deliverance

2. I refuse to die. It is my time to live.

3. 12 Minutes to Breakthrough Prayer Strategy: “A Pray Strategy for Total Victory!”

4. The Life Secrets Every Mother Should Share With Her Daughter

5. You are still my favorite!

6. Prayer for the Annihilation of My Enemies and Their Assassination

7. Breaking the Chains: From Worship to Warfare: “Surviving The Conflict!”

8. The Secrets Every Mother Should Share With Her Daughter About Life Workbook

Mattie Nottage Television Appearances

She is a regular guest on several television networks, including The Trinity Broadcasting Network, The Word Network, The Atlanta Live TV and The Babbie Mason Talk Show “Babbie’s House.” Mattie Nottage is also a featured author in many magazines, including the Preaching Woman Magazine (TBN), The Word Network (TNW), and The Atlanta Live TV. She has been cited as one of America’s most influential pastors in “Gospel Today Magazine” (WMBM). She hosts “Transforming Lives” with her husband, a television program that airs weekly on The Impact Network.

What is the Age of Mattie Nottage?

Mattie Nottage’s Age is 53 Years.

Who is the Husband of Mattie Nottage?

Dr. Mattie Nottage is married to Apostle Edison Nottage.

What is the Networth of Mattie Nottage?

Mattie Nottage Net Worth is $1 Million.

Where is Mattie Nottage House located?

Mattie Nottage House is located in Davie, FL, USA.

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