Aleksander Frangaj Net Worth, Career, Wife, Brother

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Aleksander Frangaj Net Worth

Aleksander Frangaj Net Worth

Aleksander Frangaj Net Worth is About $4 Million.

Who is Aleksander Frangaj?

Aleksander Frangaj, a former journalist and media entrepreneur, holds shares in TV Klan and ABC News. He also owns shares in a company called Albania 2017, which was founded in 2017. In 2004, he was one of the founders of the satellite pay-per-viewing TV service Satellite+ and the sports-only pay-per-view platform Supersport.

TV Klan, one of the largest TV stations in Albania, belongs to Aleksander Frangaj’s family. He and Alba Gina are the Main Shareholders in the company.


He is seen as a pro-government media owner, regardless of who holds it. He has successfully switched allegiances with any party in power during the past 20 years. Frangaj was a candidate for the office of parliament in 1996 but was unsuccessfully elected. Frangaj’s TV Klan was accused of being the primary beneficiary of several government-sponsored advertisement campaigns between 2008 and 2010. He was charged with illegally constructing a protected “Laguna Blu” area near Durres. This infuriated many of his neighbors. Frangaj denied any wrongdoing.


Aleksander Frangaj’s wife, Alba Gina, is Alba Gina. Frangaj shares ABC News TV with Gina. Redi Sata (a significant shareholder in ABC News) sold 40% of his shares to Aleksander Frankaj and Alba Gina in May 2016 for a total of 40,000 euros. Gina was co-owner of Supersport, a digital sports pay-per-view platform. Supersport was sold to digital and ceased to exist in 2016 as a separate entity.


Eduard Frangaj, a journalist, is the brother of Aleksander Frangaj. He is also Editor in Chief at TV Klan.

TV Klan (Televizioni Klan)

TV Klan (Television Klan), an Albanian private TV channel, has national coverage and is based in Tirana.

TV Klan was launched in 1997 as a Franco-Albanian joint venture. Its first broadcast aired on 25 October 1997. It is Albania’s first private television channel.

ISO rated the channel the highest in Albania, with a 21.5% audience share. The channel’s analog signal covered approximately 60% of Albania’s territory in 2006

TV Klan is a media company that includes Klan Plus and Radio Klan, as well as Klan News, Klan Music and Klan News. Klan News (Albania) is also included. Klan Macedonia-based Klan Macedonia is part of TV Klan. The channel package can be accessed in Europe via Tring (pay TV) and Digitalb(pay TV) platforms. You can also access the package for free anywhere in the world via the OTT application KLANI IM.

TV Klan is well-known for its political show Opinion, hosted by Blendi Fevziu. Entertainment shows include Kennet e Shekullit and Gjeniu I Vogel.

TV Klan, a national TV channel from southeastern Europe and Albania, has been broadcasting 24-hour HD programming since March 2012. It is also the first Albanian station to have a mobile satellite news-gathering studio.

TV Klan announced on 3 May 2018 that it had agreed to acquire 100% of the assets of Art Channel, an Albanian television station in North Macedonia. Klan Macedonia was adopted as the new name for the channel.

Radio Klan was the third private radio station to be granted national frequency status in Albania in 2020.

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