Alexander Vanderhey Net Worth, Career, Wife

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Alexander Vanderhey Net Worth

What is Alexander Vanderhey Net Worth?

Alexander Vanderhey Net Worth is About $10 Million.

Who is Alexander Vanderhey?

Opulence Capital Management’s Chairman is Alexander Vanderhey. Alexander Vanderhey is a philanthropist and venture capitalist. He also invests in private credit. His family has a history in shipbuilding, banking, and manufacturing. Alexander was raised with inside access and early investment education in multiple markets. Alexander is an activist who helps ventures make an impact on high-growth sectors like blockchain, AI and gaming technology. He uses his decades of experience and relationships to help start growth in all business areas.


Alexander has advised and led high-profile investments through sponsorships and funds. He also managed high-profile and high-growth companies such as and Pneumoflex Technologies. Alexander partners with many other families, including the Yongxin Li Family Office and the Moody Family Office. He works with Gideon Group, O’Torre Holdings, and the Yongxin Li Family Office.


Fang Li is a venture capitalist, impact investor, manufacturing specialist and philanthropist. She started in Guangzhou and grew up to become the head of her family’s manufacturing empire, producing staple products as well as new asphalt formulae that are used all over the globe. Alexander, her husband and family is her partner in helping to develop value and skillset through the projects and investments she makes.

Many of her projects are located in Southeast Asia and the Indian Subcontinent developing countries. Fang Li graduated in Hunan from the CST Institute of Technology University. China, where she received a bachelor’s degree in International Business from CST Institute of Technology University in Hunan and a Masters’s degree from Oxford University in the United Kingdom.

Vanderhey Holdings

Vanderhey Holdings is a fully integrated investment and financial services firm backed by Vanderhey-Ingalls and the Li Family Offices.


Our financial backing and practical experience in different industries give us a unique advantage when evaluating potential opportunities. Our history includes manufacturing, shipbuilding and real estate. We also have experience in financial, institutional, banking, defense and gaming.


We offer a range of financial solutions that combine our capital with selectively partnering and leveraging other family offices. This allows us to achieve exceptional private credit, private equity and project finance results. We leverage global relationships and assets to help our clients achieve extraordinary success. Our Advisory Board helps us to provide unparalleled access to strategic partners for the right opportunities.

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